Worm drive gearbox

Worm drive gearboxes are used to take a rated motor speed and produce a low-speed, high torque output based on the reduction ratio, offering users a number of advantages.
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Worm drive gearboxes offer high ratio speed reduction in a small package, they are a popular speed reducer solution.

Worm Drive Gear

What is a Worm Drive Gear?

A worm drive gear is a gear including a shaft with a spiral section that engages with and runs a toothed wheel. Worm drive gears are a traditional form of gear and a sort of one of the six simple machines. Fundamentally, a worm drive gear is a screw butted up in front of what looks like a normal spur gear with slightly curved and angled teeth.

Worm Drive Gear Uses

There are a few reasons one would select a worm drive gear over other gears.

The first one is the great reduction ratio. A worm drive gear can have a high reduction ratio with small effort – all one should do is adding margins to the wheel. The second reason to employ a worm drive gear is the inability to reverse the power direction. On a normal gear, the output and input can be changed independently when enough load is applied. 

Worm Drive Gearbox Uses

Where is a Worm Drive Gearbox Used?

For applications that need higher speed, a worm drive gearbox can be employed. Some of the applications of a worm drive gearbox are:

  • Mining
  • Presses
  • Rolling mills
  • Escalator/ Elevator Drive systems
  • Manufacturing and packaging industries
  • Small machinery and conveyors

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Owing to its special model, the worm gear finds applications in different kinds of Industries. Some of the most usual forms or places it is used are:

When there is a requirement for noise control– The contact of two various elements in the worm gearbox decreases the noise pollution, making it comfortable for spaces where noise requires to be detected. Different industrial applications make use of the worm drive gearbox.


In conditions where swift stopping is required– Because back driving is almost an impractical feat to adapt to the worm gear, they have obtained popularity in the case of instruments where stopping requires to be operated accurately and swiftly, like elevators and lifts.

Where shock loading is a fact– The materials employed in the worm gear are soft in nature, facilitating simple shock absorption with less failure. This special property is extremely beneficial for heavy-duty machines and rock crushers.

 Advantages of worm drive gearbox



Worm gears are the most compact type of system and provide high-ratio speed reduction. 




Gears have good meshing effectiveness.



High torque

Gears can be used to either greatly increase torque or greatly reduce speed.




Worm gearboxes are used to take a rated motor speed and produce a low-speed, high torque output based on the reduction ratio



High reduction

Gearboxes allow for a high reduction in reduced spaces


Precise motion

Gearboxes offer a precise linear motion that can be used by a myriad of mechanisms. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a gearbox which meets our requirement?

You can refer to our catalogue to choose the gearbox or we can help to choose when you provide the technical information of required output torque, output speed and motor parameter etc.

What information shall we give before placing a purchase order?

a) Type of the gearbox, ratio, input and output type, input flange, mounting position, and motor informationetc.
b) Housing color.
c) Purchase quantity.
d) Other special requirements.

What industries are your gearboxes being used?

Our gearboxes are widely used in the areas of textile, food processing, beverage, chemical industry,escalator,automatic storage equipment, metallurgy, tabacco, environmental protection, logistics and etc.


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